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the workshops are designed for people who want to learn the basics of slipcasting porcelain.
in each workshop you will make your own pieces from existing moulds that we will provide for you.
in 3 hours we cover all the basics and let you experiment with different colours and decoration techniques.
the workshops are perfect for beginners and fun to do with a group of friends, family or colleagues.
groups 6-8 max. can be scheduled upon request, please send an email to and we can schedule you in!
to participate, send us an email or go to our online shop and add the desired workshop to your basket!

€80– €90 (all materials are included)

porcelain slipcasting week
during this week you will learn the complete process of the production of a porcelain object.
you will make all your own porcelain pieces from start to finish!
in 4 lessons in one week (evenings from 18:00-21:00) i will guide you through each phase step by step. you will learn how to cast, decorate and glaze your work/pieces.
by the end of the course you will have a number of casted items to take home with you!
this course is for all levels—no prior experience is required.

If you wish to participate in this course, check the online store (also more info about the week there!) and book it by adding it to your basket! or send me an email!)

€330,00    (all materials are included)


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