studio k ceramics


porcelain cups, bowls, plates, lamps, tiles, etc, all handmade in lisbon, portugal!

we love to make customized ceramics, with illustrations drawn for you personally, your dog for instance, your house or maybe just your initials or a special word or sentence on a cup/plate/tile! almost everything is possible! please contact us and we can talk about your dreams and ideas! ([email protected])

some tips for taking care of (y)our porcelain items:

care : our porcelain is baked at a high temperature, 1260-1280 degrees. this makes the porcelain less porous than any other kind of ceramics. we choose not to glaze the outside of most of our products because we like the touch of unglazed porcelain. however, it can still stain.... so you'd better choose another cup to drink your beetroot juice or curcuma latte:) 

it is okay to drink coffee and tea out of our cups because the inside of our items are all glazed

in case there is a stain on the outside of your cup you can remove it with what we call a 'magic sponge'....we don't know a brand name but they are white, made out of a strange consistancy, you buy a block of it and then cut of a part of it for use....sorry for this weird explanation but we love them and they get almost all stains out!

damage: slight irregularities in size, in the glaze, color and surface of our porcelain is what makes our handmade items unique. if in any case you buy an item from us and there is a crack or damage, please take a picture, contact us within 14 days after receiving your parcel and we will see what we can do!

shipping: we pack our products with the utmost care so that our porcelain reaches you in a pristine condition, however, if the delivery service comes to your door with a damaged parcel, do not accept it or ask for a form to make a complaint. also, please take pictures the minute you receive it and before opening the parcel. 

doing the dishes: our products are dishwasher safe but if you want to enjoy your illustrated purchase for as long as possible we recommend to go the old fashioned way and wash it by hand! if you choose to use the dishwasher, make sure the items are not touching each other in the machine!

that's all! enjoy your studio k. purchase!

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