studio k ceramics


studio k. is creating ceramics and illustrations in lisbon with love! founded by kiki voortman after she moved from amsterdam to lisbon 6 years ago. educated as a textile designer but she made the switch to ceramics/porcelain after one year in lisbon.

we love: to make things, or 'coisas' as they say in portuguese!

we love: materials and textures. some days we are drawn to textiles, on other days it might be the soft velvet-like touch of unglazed porcelain that appeals to us and the next day we could be drawing dogs! ánd on some days we like to combine it all!

random things we love: swimming in the ocean, bacalhau, all things pink, alentejo, french fries (basically we love everything made out of a potato:), drawing dogs, road trips, 'cenas', little blonde nieces and nephews, drinking tea out of beautiful cups, ducks, old cars, sunny days, .....................for more things we love: follow us on instagram

we would love: to be a minimalist but there are just too many pretty things in the world!

studio visit: if you would like to visit us in our studio (ánd tiny shop) feel free to do so. to be sure that we are actually there -and not at the beach;)- please call first or send us a message! 

phone/whatsapp : 00351 968304725

studio address: Rua Guarda-Joiás 44, Lisbon

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